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Planning to be in Tokyo this summer?
Happy to make a fool of yourself in front of children?
Willing to work hard in the relentless heat and humidity?
If you answered "Yes" to all three, then applying for a job at ASIJ's Summer Day Camp may be for you!
Now in its 46th season, Summer Day Camp employs over 300 young people and adults of a variety of nationalities and backgrounds each summer. A love of children and a desire to help them learn and grow, together with the ability to instruct in English, are the basic requirements for anyone wishing to work at camp. Experience and linguistic or activity skills are a plus.
  • There will be no Summer Day Camp at Roppongi in 2021
2021 Summer Day Camp Venue
  • With Tokyo hosting the Olympics this coming summer, there will be no Summer Day Camp at Roppongi in 2021. Summer Day Camp will be held only on the Chofu campus in 2021.

    Summer Day Camp will reconvene, as usual, on both the Chofu campus and the Roppongi campus the following summer, 2022.

      • Student Staff Orientation:
        Thu, July 22 & Fri, July 23
        (two half-day sessions)

        Adult Staff Orientation:
        Fri, July 23
        (one full-day session)

      • Session A (5 days)
      • Mon, July 26 – Fri, July 30
      • Session B (5 days)
      • Mon, Aug 2 – Fri, Aug 6
      • Session C (5 days)
      • Mon, Aug 9 – Fri, Aug 13
      • This summer, SDC will recruit staff to look after campers who sign-up for After Camp, which will essentially be supervised free time for campers whose parents wish to leave their children in SDC's custody until 5:30 pm. A late bus service will also be inaugurated so that campers that participate in After Camp can return home via one of the train stations along SDC's bus routes. This means that for those who wish to work longer hours, After Camp will provide two additional hours of work each day as well as additional bus guiding opportunities.
          • A college degree and relevant teaching experience is required of English Teachers and Lead Specialists. Otherwise, if you love working with children, are patient, love to have fun, and willing to do whatever it takes to provide the best summer experience for the campers, you are a candidate for SDC.

          Restrictions to international travel are anticipated this summer. If you plan to be outside Japan at any time this summer, please be informed that to participate in Summer Day Camp, staff are required to meet the quarantine rules established by ASIJ before they are allowed on campus. In other words, you must arrive in Japan no later than Wed, July 7 in order to meet the current, 14-day quarantine requirement to attend SDC’s Student Staff Orientation on July 22.


          The four main types of positions available are: English Teachers, Activity Specialists, Group Counselors and Swimming Instructors (Chofu only). Salary is dependent on position and experience.


          25-30 English Teachers positions available

          An applicant for this position must be a native English speaker, hold a college degree, and have had at least one year of classroom teaching experience. TESOL/TEFL qualifications and experience are welcomed.

          Since Summer Day Camp is a camp, not a language school, English teachers must be willing and able to teach language with an active rather than an academic approach, using role playing, games, songs, and other innovative techniques focused on making the campers’ experience at Summer Day Camp fun and authentic as well as a valuable learning experience. English teachers are responsible for two classes, each meeting for two hours each day, once in the morning and once after lunch. Materials and support are available in the English Resource Center and from the English Director, but teachers are responsible for planning and running their own classes and utilizing the Counselors who come with the camper groups to provide the optimum experience for all.


          120 SPECIALIST positions available
          (approx. 40 lead & 80 senior/junior specialists)

          A Lead Specialist must possess skills in the area of instruction as well as classroom management. Lead Specialists plan and teach their activities and are normally adult teaching professionals. They are responsible for directing the Senior/Junior Specialists who are hired to assist them. Senior/Junior Specialists are never expected to take charge, but to assist the Lead Specialist under his/her direction.

          A Senior Specialist must be at least college-age. A Junior Specialist must be at least 15 years old or have completed the ninth grade.

          See available positions
          120 COUNSELOR positions available
          (approx. 60 SENIOR & 60 junior SPECIALISTS)

          Counselors must have a strong desire to work with children and be able to supervise a group of 12 boys and girls throughout the camp day. Each camper group is attended by one Junior and one Senior Counselor. Counselors are expected to assist with simple instruction when required by an English Teacher or a Specialist, and to handle all logistic, emotional and disciplinary issues within their group.

          Counselors are paired as much as possible to ensure that at least one knows ASIJ, speaks Japanese and has experience at SDC. The Senior Counselor is expected to help develop the Junior Counselor. Support and training is available from the Staff Development Specialist. A Senior Counselor must have completed one year of college or equivalent. A Junior Counselor must be at least 15 years old or have completed the ninth grade.

          Swimming Instructor*

          A Swimming Instructor should have an appropriate background in instruction or competitive swimming. Applicants with current Senior Lifesaving qualifications are especially welcomed. Swimming instructors must be willing to work within a program which stresses the teaching of swimming skills and water safety, not recreation.

          *Chofu campus only. These positions are usually filled by high school and college students.



          Enquire below if you are interest & qualified.
          (Note: SDC is unable to bring staff from overseas to work at camp. Apply if you will be in Tokyo this coming summer under a suitable visa status.)
          Prospective staff are requested to contact the SDC Director for more information on working at the camp noting where you are applying from and whether you have completed a four year college/university program.
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